Perun, head god of the Slavic Pantheon.

This article is about the humanoid gods of the modern people. For the chaotic gods of the foul dwellers, see Old Gods.

Gods, also known as angels or Elohim by the people of Atlantis, were extremely powerful immortal beings. They ruled over the mortals of Lithippan, claiming regions and often residing in high-up place like mountains.

Description Edit

Gods resided in two forms: spiritual and physical. While spiritual, they were shapeless masses of colored light that lived in the heavens, only defined by their domains and personalities. To interact with the world of mortals, they had to become physical. While they could be touched and even harmed, they still where leagues more powerful than any mortals. This physical form was, for the most part, fixed. They could only change form by becoming spiritual again, either by ascension or by death. Then, they could become physical again, assuming a new form if they wished. While physical, gods could interbreed with humans, these half-god offspring known as demigods.

Pantheons Edit

Gods were divided into pantheons, structures similar to clans. Gods of the same pantheon shared traits, and ruled over one area. Oftentimes, a male lightning god led the pantheon, but this was not always the case. The major pantheons were: