A Hyperborean city, inhabited by Hyperboreans and mammoths.

Hyperborea was an extremely cold area in the far north of Lithippan. It was home to the Hyperboreans and, in the southern mountain areas, the dwarfs. Historically, it was mainly dominated by the empire of Nordven.

Geography Edit

Hyperborea lay in the far north, high above both Greco, Gotalan and Celtoro, and to the north-west of Chzlava. It mainly consisted of a large peninsula, mostly covered in snow and ice. The northern shore disintegrated into small peninsulas and islands.

Flora and fauna Edit

Most plants in Hyperborea were evergreen trees. The wildlife consisted of bears, reindeer, woolly mammoths, woolly rhinos, dire wolves and caribou.

Inhabitants Edit

The native human inhabitants of Hyperborea were the blond Hyperboreans. The more mountainous regions were ruled by dwarfs, and trolls haunted the caves and dark places. To the far north lay Asgard, the home of the local ruling gods.