A group of Hyperborean warriors.

The Hyperboreans were a breed of pale, tall and blond men from Hyperborea. They were the main inhabitants of the Nordven Empire, sharing it with small populations of dwarfs.

Physiology Edit

Hyperboreans were usually taller, larger and stronger than most men. They almost always had blond or platinum-blond hair an blue eyes. The men's bodies were very hairy, leading some to believe they had a common ancestry with the local dwarfs.

Culture Edit

Hyperborean culture was very masculine and war-centered. Society was split up into tribes, which were split up into clans, which were split up into families. While specific behavior and beliefs varied from tribe to tribe, almost all believed in the virtue of strength. Hyperboreans worshiped the warlike Norse gods, and sailed great warships to conquer other lands for them. Hyperborean wizards were most proficient in cold and lightning magic. According to local legends, the Hyperboreans are directly descended from an extremely pale, nine-foot-tall race from the Greater North.