Woolly mammoth

A herd of woolly mammoths marching in Hyperborea.

Woolly mammoths were great, furry beasts that lived in the northern, cold areas of Lithippan, like Hyperborea, Chzlava, and sometimes Gotalan.

Physiology Edit

Mammoths were very large beasts, walking on all fours and standing much taller than a man. Their hides were covered in thick wool to protect them from the cold of their habitats, with the most common color being brown or black, with the very rare white mammoths being seen as a good omen. They had long, curved, ivory tusks, long prehensile trunks, large ears and wide feet.

Behavior Edit

Mammoths were very intelligent and social, living in matriarchal herds. They were led by the oldest female mammoth, and bull mammoths lived alone. If raised from a calf, a mammoth would develop an extremely strong bond with its master.

Place in nature Edit

Mammoths were herbivores, feeding on grasses, shrubs and pine branches. They used their trunks to grab food, and sucked in water and sprayed it back into their mouths. Despite their size, mammoths could still be taken down by packs of dire wolves and saber-toothed lions.